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Welcome to Dirty Teacher's Pet! Have you ever wondered how that dip-shit blonde, buxom-too-early brunette or fiery redhead made it through school when she can't even spell her own name correctly? In the pages of Dirty Teacher's Pet you'll find your answers! Why learn the three R's when you have mastered the triple X! Face it, there's nothing wrong with using what you were born with but some of the lows these dumb-fuck tarts hit is staggering even to this seasoned pro. Join today and see exactly what I'm talking about!
Who says the janitor isn't the brightest guy in the school system? After Alexis startles the janitor while searching for a lost book, see the janitor turn the tables on her snooty ass with a little blackmail. When you have a key to every room, locker and cubby in the school you know everyone's dirty little secrets. See the janitor exploit poor Alexis' to perfection with a foray into her soft, pink folds. I give the janitor an A+ for manipulation and Alexis a solid A for taking a giant wad to the face like a dirty teacher's pet should!
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Ashley finds herself in the hot seat over her severe lack of academic progress. Enter her proficiency with the three X's! See her skillfully seduce the dean with her womanly wiles...well...her sweet, young pussy and hot, waiting mouth was really all it took. When she finished with the dean high marks were secured!
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Nicole finds herself in the boy's locker room as the new coach's assistant. As she tends to her assigned tasks she becomes overwhelmed by the essence of all those strapping young boys who left behind a mess for her to clean up. Right when her hormones completely take over, the coach returns to check on her progress. Needless to say Nicole has earned substantial extra credit fore her dedication to details in polishing the coaches prized trophy.
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Man, I wish sex ed class was like this when I was in school! This poor substitute teacher totally gets duped into some hardcore action by a couple of wily students bent on enjoying the lesson plan like never before. When the substitute walks in she is told that today is demonstration day. WHat the hell was she thinking? Fuck it...who cares! what ensues is the hottest three-way I have seen in ages. I think someone will be heading to detention for this one!
When your academia is THIS lacking you can be sure class in in session 24/7, 365 days a year!
Jamie is in charge of picking up all the jock straps...I wonder if that task is supposed to include those still being worn by the jocks! While on her hunt for a missing jock strap she confronts the only jock left in the locker room. When he reveals he is not concealing anything but his massive cock, Jamie finds herself drawn to him like light to flies. Watch this awesome scene as this jock pummels Jamie's sweet little pussy into submission!
From the janitor all the way up to the dean of students, all are fair game when a "A" is on the line!
Download all the kickass teacherís pet movies right now!